We have successfully recovered a significant amount of asbestos compensation for Mrs H after her father passed away from asbestosis.

In this article we discuss Mr J’s case in detail, and demonstrate how we achieved justice for his family.

Asbestos exposure over a 30 year period

Mrs H’s late father, Mr J, was exposed to a significant amount of asbestos whilst working for a number of companies as an electrician between 1956 and 1985. His employers included: The Brand Electrical Contractors Limited, F H Wheeler & Co Limited, W J Furse & Co Limited, Western Power Distribution (South Wales) PLC, and Harper Adams University.

At all of the companies, he regularly worked in close proximity to other workers who removed asbestos lagging so that they could complete essential maintenance. Mr J was exposed to asbestos whilst working in a number of places. This included:

  • a steelworks;
  • in domestic properties;
  • in electrical sub-stations;
  • at the Harper Adams University.

Making a claim for the asbestos disease, asbestosis

Mr J came to us to make a claim for compensation after he was diagnosed with asbestosis. We took a detailed witness statement from him, and he told us that he also brushed against asbestos-lagged pipes whilst moving around during his working day. He also had to chisel, drill, and nail through asbestos boards which lined the buildings he was working on.

Of course, this sadly meant that he breathed in even more asbestos fibres.

Medical evidence

We obtained expert medical evidence. This confirmed that Mr J had asbestosis, and that he had been exposed to dust in excess of 25 f/ml.

We fought hard to win the asbestosis claim. The defendants obtained their own medical evidence in an attempt to refute the evidence we had initially gathered. However, their expert agreed with our own and said that Mr J likely had asbestosis. This only strengthened our asbestos claim further.

Engineering evidence

We obtained engineering evidence to show that Mr J’s exposure exceeded the Helsinki threshold.

The Helsinki Threshold

In 1997 a group of scientists met in Helsinki to discuss asbestos fibres and the effect that exposure to them has on a person’ health. It was decided that an asbestos fibre ml level of 25 fibre/ml was required in order to cause asbestosis or lung cancer.

In our case, our expert managed to show that Mr J’s exposure far exceeded 25 f/ml years.

Mr J’s death

Unfortunately, Mr J’s health deteriorated over time and he passed away from the incurable asbestos disease only a few weeks before his claim trial was due to take place at the High Court in London.

As Mr J had died, a post-mortem had to take place. The post-mortem supported the asbestosis claim, and the defendant finally agreed to pay a significant amount of asbestosis compensation.

Difficulty proving asbestosis claims

We are proud to have brought this claim to a successful conclusion, as asbestosis claims can be harder to prove. This is because, in order for an asbestosis claim to be successful, we must prove that the person was exposed to a significant amount of asbestos. In comparison, a person can develop mesothelioma after a relatively small amount of exposure.

Justice secured

We are delighted to have secured justice for Mrs H, following the tragic loss of her father. Whilst we know that no amount of money will compensate her for her loss, holding defendants to account in asbestosis claims of this type is vital.

How can we help ?

If you require assistance in pursuing an asbestosis claim, please call us today on our Freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to our contact us page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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