After research conducted following a review of the council’s asbestos register, it was found that a total of 699 council buildings are riddled with dangerous and harmful asbestos. This shocking total of nearly 700 buildings emphasises the widespread use of asbestos as a building material in the past and its dangerous legacy is still very much prevalent.

It appears that just under half of the council’s property contains asbestos in some form. The range of buildings varies from offices, public libraries and even schools. Whist the risk posed by asbestos are reduced if the material is well covered, the risk that the asbestos or covering will became either eroded or damaged is often high in buildings which are regularly used.

The cost and scale of asbestos removal, particularly in times of councils facing reduced budgets, is often prohibitive. In addition, due to the potential release of harmful asbestos fibres into the atmosphere during the removal process, it will not be possible to remove asbestos from all buildings.

Often people consider asbestos and its dangers to be a figment of the past, however, the scale of asbestos contained within the buildings of Worcester County Council alone, show that the asbestos problem is still affecting us all to this day.

Not only is asbestos present in innumerable buildings but the harm asbestos causes continues to have a devastating impact on victims and their friends and families every year.

It is estimated that between 2,000 and 4,000 people each year die as a result of their previous exposure to asbestos in the UK alone. Asbestos diagnoses include mesothelioma, which is a very pernicious form of cancer that causes much pain and suffering. Other asbestos conditions include pleural thickening, asbestosis and asbestos related lung cancer. Such conditions result in a sufferer often facing limited life expectancy and reduce quality of life by causing debilitating symptoms.

Whilst measures have improved in protecting people from harmful asbestos exposure, the number of people developing conditions such as asbestos related lung cancer, asbestosis, pleural thickening and mesothelioma, is not likely to reduce any time soon. The unfortunate truth is that on average it takes between 25 and 50 years to develop symptoms following exposure. Clearly safety measures in place 25 to 50 years ago were not what they are today and for this reason, experts do not expect incidences of asbestos related illness affecting sufferers to peak for a number of years to come.

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