If you, or someone you know, worked at British Telecom (BT) in the 1980s you may be able to help with an asbestos claim. We are currently pursuing a claim for a gentleman who worked as a BT Engineer between 1981/82 and 1987/88. Unfortunately, he was exposed to significant levels of asbestos whilst working at the company which has led to him developing an asbestos disease. Below we have listed some of our client’s memories of particular jobs he worked on whilst with BT which may be recognisable to others. If you recognise any of these jobs please contact us today.

Our client’s memories of asbestos exposure with BT

Throughout his employment our client regularly worked in lofts/roof spaces. He says that these spaces often contained asbestos-lagged pipes and asbestos boards.

Cable installation in a building between Ealing and Heathrow airport

The Claimant recalls working on one particular job for several weeks in a building between Ealing and Heathrow airport. The telecommunication cabling needed installing and he was sent to work on this. The installation involved running cables through a loft space. The loft he was working in contained asbestos lagging which he could not help but brush against when crawling around laying the cables. It was very dusty and, unfortunately, our client breathed in this asbestos dust.

Our client would come down from the loft space every day covered in dust, including asbestos dust. This type of job was typical and he was regularly exposed to asbestos in this way.

Running cables at Heathrow terminal 2/3

The Claimant also remembers working at Heathrow airport on a building at the back of either Terminal 2 or 3.  During this job, our client was up in the joists running the cables.  He worked on this job for about 4 or 5 weeks. Again, there was asbestos present and he was exposed to the dust for the duration of this job. His job involved climbing around in the dust which he could not help but breathe in.

Pulling old cabling from a building in the Hayes and Richmond area

The Claimant also remembers working on a job in the Hayes and Richmond area where he and his colleagues were sent to pull out the old cabling from a building.  Again this was a very dusty job – asbestos was present in the lagging along the pipes which ran next to the cables. As the Claimant pulled the cables out, he could not help but disturb the asbestos, which he subsequently breathed in.

Working in manholes

The Claimant also remembers laying cables in manholes. Inside the manholes there were asbestos lagged pipes which he would crawl alongside and over. Sometimes the lagging was crumbling and he would get covered in asbestos dust. As he moved around he would disturb the asbestos lagging and asbestos dust would rise up around him.  He could not help but breathe in the asbestos dust and fibres.

No protection from asbestos at BT

 Throughout the Claimant’s employment with BT he was never provided with a mask or other breathing apparatus. He was also never warned about asbestos exposure and the dangers it posed to his health.

If you worked at BT during the 1980s and witnessed asbestos exposure, please contact us today on 0800 038 6767.

How can we help?

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