Here at Asbestos Justice, we often speak to clients who have yet to make a Will.  It is often something that people have intended to do but not got round to doing.  Having a Will enables you to make decisions about what happens to your property, possessions and any children you may have in the event of your death. If you die without a Will all these things are dealt with by the courts that follow a set of legal rules rather than in accordance with what your true wishes may have been. If you are not married, your partner will have no rights about what happens and even a spouse or civil partner may also find that they are not legally entitled to all of your estate.

Regardless of your circumstances or how old you are, everyone should have a Will.  Our Solicitors can offer you a free consultation and talk you through the process involved help you to make important decision such as, who you would like to appoint to carry out the terms stated in your Will (your Executors), who you would like to benefit from your Will (your Beneficiaries) and, if you have children, who you would like to look after them.

We strongly recommend that you have a qualified and regulated Solicitor draft your Will to ensure it covers everything and is properly valid. All too often problems concerning the validity of a person’s Will only come to light after they have passed away. Potential conflicts can arise between family members, individuals can be disinherited and legal costs can escalate as a result.  This can clearly lead to further heartache for your loved ones.

“Solicitors know so many cases of people who have turned to them for help after being left with what can only be described as nightmare wills by will writers misleading too many people as to their supposed but absent expertise”

Former Law Society President, Robert Heslett

Unregulated Will writing, probate and claims handling are a risk to the public. Simple mistakes can lead to unjust outcomes and those outcomes will often occur a long time after the Will has been written.”

Lord Hunt, the Conservative peer and former MP

We offer a fixed price for writing your Will so you know from the outset how much the legal cost will be and what you can expect from us.

Leaving a Gift in your Will

Another consideration is whether to leave any money to charity in your Will.  People often decide to do this if they have had particular involvement with a charity during their life. For example, if people have received assistance from Macmillan Nurses during their illness, they may decide to make provision for a gift to Macmillan Cancer Support in their Will.

Those affected by asbestos disease specifically, might also consider a gift to Mesothelioma UK.  Mesothelioma UK is a national specialist charity and resource centre specifically for the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma.  The charity is dedicated to providing specialist mesothelioma information, support and education and to improving care and treatment for all UK mesothelioma patients and their carers.  Mesothelioma UK relies entirely on voluntary donations and fundraising activities to fund their services.  They are currently looking to increase their partnership working with the NHS to provide more specialist services for those living with mesothelioma and they are seeking more income to invest in research.  A gift in your Will to Mesothelioma UK would be a gift to those living with mesothelioma.  The income they received from legacies in 2015 was only £20,500 and they are looking to increase upon this.

For more information or further advice on making or amending a Will please give us a call on our Freephone number 0800 038 6767 and we can arrange for you to speak to one of our Specialist Wills and Probate Solicitors. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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