Asbestos Justice has been writing about the inequality between asbestos compensation for civilians suffering with mesothelioma and compensation for veterans suffering with the incurable asbestos related condition.

We are pleased to report that following a Government announcement on 16th December 2015, legislation will be amended in April of 2016.

The change in legislation will allow veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma, caused by exposure to asbestos during service, the choice of receiving the War Pension already on offer, or a £140,000 lump sum payment. The lump sum amount of compensation is £140,000, regardless of the sufferer’s’ age at diagnosis.

The legislation will be passed in April of this year and so whilst those who are eligible can choose the lump sum payment, they will not receive this until April. Until then, they will receive the current War Pension allowances.

Whilst the change has been welcomed by campaigners, there is disappointment that those applying for mesothelioma compensation prior to the announcement last month will not be given the choice of a lump sum payment.

In a statement on their website, The Royal British Legion advised that they had suggested to the Government that all UK veterans currently living with mesothelioma, thought to be around 60 people, should be given the choice between a War Pension or a lump sum award.. The Government has indicated that it will review this issue.

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