A reported study, published in the JAMA Oncology Journal, shows unusual mesothelioma incidence rates in eastern China. The surprising finding shows a sharp contrast with statistics previously taken in the USA. In particular the reported incidence rates in China are found to be significantly lower than in America.

China still defies international concern, and remains one the world’s largest users, and producers, of the highly dangerous asbestos material.

The researches studied patients from the Yuyao People’s Hospital and the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, situated in eastern China. In total they considered the 52 patients with confirmed diagnoses of mesothelioma.

Out of these 52 cases, those diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma outnumbered pleural mesothelioma by a three to one ration. The higher finding of peritoneal mesothelioma, which is found to develop in the abdomen’s protective lining, compared to pleural mesothelioma, contrasts markedly with findings in the US. In the U.S. pleural mesothelioma in fact accounts for 75% of diagnoses.

Another finding from the study finds that females had an unusually high prevalence of mesothelioma, and accounted for 80% of the mesothelioma diagnoses within the Hospitals. Previous studies show that asbestos diseases, and in particular mesothelioma, is found to be more common in males rather than females. This is seen to be due to the prevalence of males exposed to asbestos in their working lives.

The study also identified contrasting ages of average diagnosis. The median age for a mesothelioma diagnosis within the study found that this was 50.6 years. In the USA the median age for a mesothelioma diagnosis is much higher at 72.

The study appears to show very different findings and statistics from those commonly recorded in the USA and the west. It remains to be seen however, whether the findings accurately reflect asbestos diagnosis and prevalence rates in China. Asbestos disease prevalence is still far from known in many regions throughout the country. Startlingly, in a county of such a large population and the known continued use of asbestos materials, there are only 2,000 reported incidences of mesothelioma. From comparing the report rates with other countries this appears to be too low. Clearly, more investigation is required.

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