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A skip hire company in Evesham and a company director have been fined after they were found to be illegally storing asbestos waste at three sites in the Cotswolds during 2013.

The company, Stow Skips Ltd and company director, Nicholas Scarsbrook were prosecuted by the Environmental Agency. The company pleaded guilty to two charges of operating a regulated facility other than in accordance with the conditions of its permit and one of operating without a permit. Nicholas Scarsbrook admitted to three offences of permitting the operation of a regulated facility without a permit and one of permitting such an operation in breach of a permit.

One of the charges related to the storage of plastic, tyres and asbestos in an outbuilding, which was not within a licensed site area.

The company has since ceased trading.

Judge Michael Cullum heard the case and ordered Scarsbrook to pay £35,000 towards the cost of clearing the illegal materials. He also ordered him to complete 250 hours of unpaid work. The company, Stows Skips Ltd, was fined £20,000.

Here at Asbestos Justice we are regularly dismayed each time we hear of companies and individuals who have failed to work within the regulations where asbestos is concerned. The only way to ensure a future free of terrible asbestos conditions such as mesothelioma, is to ensure no one is exposed to asbestos dust.

We are pleased to see the Environmental Agency and the courts taking this matter so seriously and hope that these rulings will deter others from breaking asbestos regulations in the future.

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