At Asbestos Justice, we are regularly recovering substantial sums of compensation to cover our mesothelioma clients’ ongoing private medical treatment, including for immunotherapy treatment such as Keytruda (pembrolizumab) and a case study discussed by Italian doctors offers further hope for others who suffer with the incurable asbestos-related cancer.

Young patient

The case involved a 45 year old patient complaining of shortness of breath who was found to be suffering with fluid build-up in her lung cavity. This was later diagnosed as mesothelioma. Worryingly, investigations found that the disease had spread to her abdomen, chest and brain, despite her undergoing various forms of chemotherapy treatment and even brain surgery to help combat the disease.

It was also later found that the disease had spread to her liver and was obstructing her bowel. She was receiving intravenous nutrition known as TPN shortly before the decision was made by her medical team to try Keytruda.

Amazing results

Within 2 weeks of receiving the immunotherapy treatment, which is not currently available on the NHS in England and Wales, her updated scan showed a complete response of the brain, abdomen and bone lesions.  The lung disease also partially responded to the treatment and the disease affecting the liver also stabilised.

The woman in the above case study continues to receive the treatment and it is hoped that this will continue to be of significant benefit to her and other sufferers into the future.

Hope for the future

Keytruda is widely used in the NHS to treat lung cancer but trials into the benefits of the treatment continue here in the UK. Early research has indicated that it is the sarcomatoid sub-type of mesothelioma which responds most efficiently to the treatment, which can cost £8,000.00 to £9,000.00 per cycle on a private paying basis.

It is important that those misfortunate enough to be diagnosed with mesothelioma are made aware that clinical trials are afoot, exploring various new treatments, which may be available to them, subject to their medical team’s advice.

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