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Mesothelioma sufferers in Ohio, US, may now be able to access marijuana legally as part of their treatment plan. Legislators in the US State have already approved the process and are now awaiting the Governor to sign this into State law.

Mesothelioma is a terminal form of cancer which can affect the lining of a patient’s lungs and abdomen and is almost exclusively associated with asbestos exposure. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for sufferers of mesothelioma and treatment to combat pain and prolong life can only be provided.

This Bill is expected to cover a range of conditions, one of which is malignant mesothelioma. As a result of further scientific research into the properties of the drug, Governments and scientists are starting to advocate its use for such horrendous conditions as a form of management process.

Indeed, ancient civilisations clearly did not convey the same attitudes to the drug that is prevalent in modern society. Historical research suggests that the use of marijuana can be found in ancient civilisations such as China, Persia, Ancient Greece and Rome. For example, some texts in China, thought to date back to 1500 BCE, refer to the plant to be used alongside ginseng and ephedra. Persia, meanwhile listed it as one of 10,000 important medicinal plants.

Marijuana’s medicinal properties have resulted in an increasing demand for  legalisation of the drug for those suffering with debilitating conditions. Specifically, the compounds tetrahydrcannabinol and cannabidiol.

The bill allows patients suffering with mesothelioma to purchase and use marijuana products such as oils and patches, if they have been provided with authority from their physician, though the law still prohibits the smoking of it.

Ohio’s change in the law suggests a slow trend taken up by other states in allowing the limited use of marijuana for some conditions, including mesothelioma. Other states that have passed a similar bill into law include South Carolina, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Florida.

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