The streaming service, Netflix, has issued proceedings against a studio in North London following issues with asbestos.

Filming stopped due to safety

The company had begun filming a new series, Bridgerton, set in Regency London, in 2019 at Neasden Studios. However, in May 2019 filming was unexpectedly stopped after Netflix deemed the studio was unsafe.

Asbestos allegedly fell on face

There were issues with the studio roof, it had been leaking and reports state that ceiling tiles had fallen down, and on one occasion asbestos had allegedly fallen onto a worker’s face.

Written submissions to the High Court, stated there was asbestos in the roof voids and on top of high beams. Stephen Jourdan, QC, wrote “This created a serious risk of ACMs (asbestos containing materials) falling from the high-level beams and columns into the property, causing a danger to health.”

£200,000 damages claimed

Production of the eight-part series was moved to an alternative studio, causing an increase in production costs. Netflix have brought proceedings against the studios and their owner, requesting at least £200,000 in damages.

Studio owner counter-suing

The studio owner has commented saying that Netflix was made aware that asbestos was present from the start and that work had been done to ensure it was safe. He is now counter-suing for more than £2.5 million after alleging the company did not pay rent and rates due.

Asbestos dangers are well known

This case is in its early stages and the true story is not yet known. However, it is encouraging that as soon as a potential asbestos danger was realised, Netflix moved their filming, despite the increase this caused to their production costs.

The dangers of asbestos are now well known and even brief exposure to asbestos can put someone at risk of developing the incurable cancer, mesothelioma, later in life.

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