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News has reached us here at Asbestos Justice about the plans to remove the remaining asbestos secreted throughout swathes of this country’s buildings, including workplaces and public buildings.

A report, prepared by a cross-party group of MPs has called for regulations which require the safe and planned removal of all remaining asbestos throughout Britain. This should be completed in a phased manner.

It is well noted by the Parliamentary group that asbestos remains a serious threat to the lives of millions of Britons. On the official figures, it is thought that 5,000 people in Britain will die prematurely this year due to harmful asbestos exposure.

Exposure to asbestos can lead to sufferers developing serious, debilitating conditions such as mesothelioma, which is an aggressive asbestos related cancer which attacks the lining of the lungs and abdominal cavity.

Significant asbestos exposure can lead to sufferers developing asbestosis, a lung disease, causing scarring of the lung tissues. Other such conditions caused b inhalation of the dangerous asbestos fibres include, pleural thickening which cases  scarring and calcification of the lining to the lung and pleural plaques which affect specific areas of the lung, leaving scar tissue.

Although there have long been regulations in force in this country relating to the safe removal of asbestos, the disturbing fact is that only a single fibre of asbestos can lead to the development of mesothelioma. The fact that vast quantities of asbestos still remain in situ at  numerous locations nationwide, prevents potential eradication of this deadly asbestos asbestos related  cancer. The report indicates that the only way to completely eliminate future case of mesothelioma is to remove all asbestos remaining in throughout the country.

To carry out this ambitious proposal the report advocates the following:

  1. All public, rented premises and commercial properties to carry out surveys with registered consultants and the HSE to indicate whether there is asbestos present;
  1. Where asbestos may have been identified, any refurbishment, repair or work done within the vicinity of the asbestos should include the removal of this. If not, then the removal should be completed as soon as reasonably practical before 2035 (The report indicates that for educational and public buildings this should be completed by 2028);
  1. The HSE, together with the local authorities and other enforcement agencies, should inspect and identify acceptable planning measures taken to remove asbestos;
  1. Before the sale takes place of any domestic property a survey should be completed to consider whether the property contains any asbestos.

With these carefully considered measures Asbestos Justice hopes that that pressure will be placed on future Governments to continue to act upon the dangers posed by asbestos exposure. In order to prevent more people suffering with the deadly and life impairing diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis we must all aspire to live in a world where the dangers of developing asbestos related conditions are reduced to an absolute minimum.

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