Here in the UK, our day of mesothelioma awareness takes place in July and is called Action Mesothelioma Day. It is a day of raising awareness of mesothelioma, educating people on the dangers of asbestos and remembering those who have sadly lost their fight against the disease.

In the US, they have Mesothelioma Awareness Day on 26th September. Usually, the day is filled with events honouring mesothelioma patients and bringing attention to the condition and its cause.

Virtual events due to COVID-19

Usually, Mesothelioma Awareness Day events involve meetings with large crowds and due to the current circumstances, this is not possible. Mesothelioma patients are more likely to experience further serious health problems, should they suffer with COVID-19 and so to keep everyone safe, events are being held virtually this year.

How can you participate?

There are ways you can participate in Mesothelioma Awareness Day:

  • Join the Miles for Meso walk/race or take part in Kayaking 4 Meso
  • Promote the day on social media and spread the word
  • Wear blue, the colour adopted by mesothelioma
  • Educate yourself, read articles, watch documentaries
  • Donate to a mesothelioma charity or research program

Click here for further information about Mesothelioma Awareness Day.

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