Grief is never-ending.

As I prepare to present at the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Frankfurt, Germany I am reminded of the human cost of inaction.

Since Alan was diagnosed in 2003, an estimated 100,000 Americans have died from preventable asbestos-caused diseases. Worse yet, in the past decade, the USA has imported more than 21,000 metric tons of asbestos, and imports still continue to pollute our country with this deadly substance.

Linda and Alan

While promising research continues, prevention remains the only cure. I dedicate my presentation “Progress and Challenges in Increasing Worker Safety and Mitigating Asbestos Exposure in the Americas” to Alan and the hundreds of thousands of other “Alans.”

Through our stories, we can turn our anger into action, and tell the true story about asbestos as we fight to end this deadly man-made disaster.

Together, change is possible.

Linda Reinstein, President/CEO and Co-Founder, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO)

Linda and Alan (3)

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