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A recent study conducted by a New York City Team, Weill Cornell Medicine, has found that patients facing terminal cancers such as mesothelioma should be provided with more information about possible care options. This is particularly useful in helping to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety found when faced with mesothelioma and other cancers.

The study reporting on a total of 178 patients, noted that astonishingly only 5% of the patients were provided with what was deemed to amount to sufficient knowledge of their mesothelioma cancer, or other conditions. The study underlined that a number of the patients were not aware of the terminal nature of their condition, which clearly meant they were not able to select the correct care for them.

Due to the individual nature of asbestos related mesothelioma, treatment options differ and can include a combination of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Before making these decisions on which option a mesothelioma patient should take it is crucial that the patients should be made aware of the benefits and risks associated with each option, particularly in respect of their own prognosis.

The researchers noted that this could in part be linked to reluctance on behalf of the doctors who have to inform the patient, and their families, that they are suffering with a terminal cancer such as mesothelioma.

From the study the researches were able to identify that those patients who were presented with full information as regards to their prognosis were able to engage in clearer and improved communication with their treating oncologist.

The more knowledge imputed upon  mesothelioma sufferers, the greater the improvements in their own treatment options and decisions would be. This links to previous studies which found engaged and active mesothelioma patients have more beneficial relationships with their treating medical team.

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