We have recently achieved justice for a client suffering from asbestos-related diffuse pleural thickening with asbestosis. We are happy to have secured compensation for this client.

The exposure

Our client worked at Winchester College for approximately 7 years and 6 months from 1978/79 to 1985/86. A sole trader called Mr H D McAvoy employed him. However, we gathered evidence that showed that he worked under the direction and supervision of college employees.

We stated, in this interesting asbestos claim, that the college were negligent because they had allowed our client to be exposed to harmful amounts of asbestos dust on their premises.

Witness evidence proved that our client was employed as a plumber and heating engineer at the college. He was exposed to asbestos dust and fibre when stripping asbestos lagging from boilers, calorifiers and pipework in the course of replacing old oil-fired heating systems with new gas-fired ones.

The school’s numerous buildings covered approximately 12 acres. Our client worked in approximately 12 large boiler houses as well as on numerous other commercial boilers and heating systems. The boilers, calorifiers, and pipework were lagged with asbestos. Our client replaced old boilers with new gas boilers.

Our client worked alongside a college employee stripping asbestos lagging from the boilers, the calorifiers, and the associated pipework.

Together, they would knock off the old asbestos lagging using axes. This released enormous quantities of asbestos dust and fibre, often into confined spaces without ventilation and breathing protection. We relied upon this evidence in support of our negligence argument.

The claim

We obtained expert medical evidence in support of the asbestos claim. This evidence showed that our client had not only developed asbestos-related pleural thickening but asbestosis as well.

According to the medical expert, our client faces risks of his asbestos related problems worsening in the future. Therefore, he decided to instruct us to settle his asbestos claim on a provisional damages basis. This means that our client can claim further asbestos compensation if he suffers this misfortune of further asbestos illnesses during his lifetime. Alternatively, another asbestos claim can be brought by his Estate and/or dependents within three years of his death.

How can we help?

If you require assistance in pursuing a claim for asbestosis compensation against your former employer or their insurers, or believe you have any other valid asbestos claim please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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