On 1st July 2020 the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) released the annual figures for work-related fatalities in 2019/20, along with the figures for deaths due to mesothelioma in 2018.

Mesothelioma deaths similar to last five years

The statistics show that the number of deaths due to mesothelioma has remained steady. There were 2,446 fatalities due to mesothelioma in 2018. Over the last five years the average number of mesothelioma deaths in the UK was 2,550.

Legacy of asbestos

Asbestos was banned in the UK in 2000 and asbestos-related conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening and asbestos-related lung cancer, take between 10 and 50 years from the exposure to asbestos, before symptoms of the conditions appear.

Therefore, the deaths due to mesothelioma in 2018 are likely to be related to exposure to asbestos from before 1980.

Number of deaths due to drop

Thankfully, it is expected that the number of deaths due to mesothelioma will fall year on year now. However, the number was initially expected to drop around 2016 and the newly released figures show that this has unfortunately, not been the case.

The number of mesothelioma deaths will fall eventually and we can only hope that it is sooner rather than later. We must continue to enhance awareness of the dangers of exposure to asbestos in the hope that others can be saved from the cruel fate of developing such debilitating conditions.

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