Despite the recent successful resurrection of the campaign, the HSE came under scrutiny over the lack of accuracy within its new mobile app which supports the new campaign. It aims to inform builders of the safety measures to take when working with asbestos.

However, information claiming that it would take at least two hours for asbestos to become dangerous has sparked outrage across the community and asbestos professionals.

Meso Warrior, Mavis Nye spoke out:

“Having now read through this document I am disappointed. It is in my opinion a lost opportunity. The people who will eventually read it may have stumbled across it by searching HSE in the expectation that this body is the ultimate place for helpful information. But I think it doesn’t seem to fall into either camp the ignorant of the dangers of asbestos or the professional.

The professional will have or should have been trained by their employers. The ignorant will not have bothered to search the web.
But those that do could find this web site and after browsing may well reach the conclusion that it’s OK to work in an asbestos environment for an hour. Thus deciding that well it can’t be that bad if I can work in it for an hour can it?

Not much mention of protection either. For the professional they wont find a need to read it having been trained and aware of its dangers.

So I feel it’s an opportunity lost. Just who it is intended for. Perhaps the good intention was there by the author but it lacks impact lacks the wake-up call. As the carer of having a wife with mesothelioma a terminal lung cancer I see the face of the evil asbestos fibers every day watching someone you love slowly being destroyed in front of your eyes. There is nothing I can do absolutely nothing.
Your article could have even should have given the severest warning that exposure to asbestos however short could result in an untimely and painful death, nothing more nothing less.”

Mavis Nye, a prominent figure within the Mesothelioma and Asbestos Disease Community, was given 3 months to live but refuses to give up her fight with Mesothelioma. She was exposed to asbestos when washing her husband’s clothes after he returned home from work at Chatham Dockyard. She continues battling to speed up life-saving mesothelioma treatments.

“I do talk from experience of Mesothelioma.

I obtained Mesothelioma by washing my Husbands clothes as he came home from work at the Chatham Dockyard as a Shipwright. After his apprenticeship and then National service he returned to the Dockyard. This is when he worked with Asbestos all around as the laggers lagged everywhere in the ships when they were being refitted.

Through washing his clothes I was given 3 months to live in 2009 but with Chemo and trials I have managed to arrive at 5.5 years. I have lost so many friends in that time, some of them Tradesmen and DIY among School teachers.

There is no safe Asbestos and only 1 fiber could cause mesothelioma.

Please would the HSE change their bad advice or remove it.”


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