The benefits of staying active are well documented. People who do not exercise (have a sedentary lifestyle) can suffer from lower moods, lethargy and increased health problems. In everyday life it is important to try and be active. For people with mesothelioma this is even more pertinent.

Of course, mesothelioma patients are unlikely to want to hit the gym, particularly if they are undergoing gruelling treatment, such as chemotherapy. Light exercise can help reduce fatigue, and increase strength and muscle mass.

Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous. You may simply want to take a walk around the block, go for a light swim, or practice some yoga. You don’t need to be lifting heavy weights or running on a treadmill for an hour to feel the benefits of exercise.

Swimming is a great exercise for mesothelioma patients as it can increase the red blood cell count, increase oxygen delivery and boost energy.

There are even exercises you can do from the comfort of your armchair which will help increase energy levels. We have listed these exercises below.

Armchair exercises

There are some simple exercises you can do whilst sitting in a chair, these are particularly good if someone if feeling the effects of mesothelioma treatment and is struggling with fatigue:

  • Neck rotation
    • Sitting upright with shoulders down, look straight ahead
    • Slowly turn your head to your left shoulder – only go as far as is comfortable – hold for five seconds
    • Slowly turn your head to your right shoulder – again, only go as far as is comfortable – hold for five seconds
    • Repeat three times


  • Hip marching
    • Sit upright in a chair and hold onto the sides – be careful not to lean on the back of the chair
    • Lift your left leg with your knee bent – only lift as high as is comfortable
    • With control, place your foot back down
    • Repeat with the right leg
    • Repeat five times with each leg


  • Arm raises
    • Sit upright with arms by your sides
    • Point your palms forwards and raise both arms out to the side and up – only go as far as it comfortable – be sure to keep your shoulders down and arms straight throughout the exercise
    • With control, lower your arms back to the starting position
    • Repeat five times


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