Although the use of any form of asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999, exposure to asbestos continues to present a significant risk to health. According to the NHS, around 4000 people a year die from asbestos-related diseases.

Raising awareness of the dangers of asbestos is increasingly important and at Bainbridge we provide both classroom and online asbestos training.

Types of asbestos training

The HSE has identified three levels of asbestos training:

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Non-licensable work with asbestos including Notifiable Non-licensed Work
  • Licensable work with asbestos

The first and most basic level is asbestos awareness which is intended to give workers and supervisors the necessary information to avoid disturbing asbestos during the course of their normal day’s work. It is not intended to prepare workers to carry out tasks involving any asbestos containing materials (ACMs).

Asbestos awareness training objectives

Any training should cover the following objectives:

  • Provide information on the properties of asbestos and its effects on health
  • Provide information, examples and images of the types of asbestos and their likely occurrence in buildings
  • Provide information on procedures to adopt in an emergency
  • Provide information on how to avoid the risk of exposure to asbestos

Asbestos training providers

The HSE recognises only very few asbestos training associations. Perhaps the largest of these is UKATA, the UK Asbestos Training Association, who set the standards in asbestos related training.Although there are a large number of asbestos training courses out there, many employers require the training to be UKATA accredited and for workers and contractors to present a valid UKATA certificate.

Who is the training for?

Asbestos awareness training is intended for anyone who may encounter asbestos during the course of their work.

Online asbestos awareness training

In 2012, the HSE acknowledged the validity of online methods to delivery awareness training. There is now a wide choice of providers for both online and classroom courses.


Stephen Bainbridge has been involved in training for nearly 30 years. For the last 10 years, this has been in health and safety and specifically asbestos. He is a qualified Asbestos Surveyor.

For more information about online asbestos awareness training, visit Bainbridge ELearning.


Stephen Bainbridge

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