A tragic story has been reported this month about a 36 year old father of five who has passed away from mesothelioma, the asbestos-related cancer which affects the linings of the body’s organs.

Exposure to asbestos as a child

It was reported that Mr. Gosport, had played in building sites and fallen through a garage roof when he was a child.  Whilst he had also worked on the dockyards for a time, it was thought this historical exposure to asbestos was the cause of the mesothelioma.

No safe level of asbestos exposure

There is no safe level of asbestos exposure and very low levels of exposure have been linked to mesothelioma.  The asbestos fibres, when inhaled or ingested, can become lodged in the lungs or linings of other organs. They can cause damage which can ultimately develop into the malignant condition, mesothelioma.

2,500 UK mesothelioma deaths a year

There are currently about 2,500 deaths from mesothelioma in the UK each year. Sadly at present there is no cure and the prognosis tends to be poor.

Mr. Gosport was diagnosed less than 6 weeks before he passed away. He had previously loved cycling and had been healthy before he fell ill with mesothelioma. He leaves behind his wife and 5 children.

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Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7650867/Gosport-father-36-dies-asbestos-related-cancer-playing-building-sites-child.html

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