A biotechnology company in Canada has been working on a new test for mesothelioma which could provide earlier detection of the disease.

Detection at earliest stage

Cellular Analytics have been developing a liquid biopsy test called CytoFind. Working with mesothelioma research specialist, Dr Marc de Perrot, they hope to capture mesothelial precursor cells and allow for diagnosis at the earliest stage of the cancer.

One of a kind platform

The test involves a one of a kind microfluidic platform which enables molecular characterisation of mesothelioma at the level of single-circulating tumour cells, which solid tumours have shed into the blood stream.

Chief executive officer of the company, Dr Brent Zanke is hopeful their advances will have a positive impact; “We could change completely how this disease is viewed. It’s a proactive way to get ahead of the disease.”

Huge step for mesothelioma

This is a huge step for mesothelioma. The earlier the detection, the more treatment options there are for the patient. This kind of test for mesothelioma, coupled with the advances that are being made in immunotherapy research and treatments are extremely positive for anyone diagnosed with mesothelioma.

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