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Pleurectomy and decortication improves a patient’s quality of life

Often those suffering from malignant mesothelioma decline to undergo any form of surgical procedure. However, a study, conducted by a thoracic surgeon from Loyola Medicine, has found that mesothelioma patients who undergo surgery may gain […]

Posted on 24th March 2017 Read More >

Have you made a Will?

Here at Asbestos Justice, we often speak to clients who have yet to make a Will.  It is often something that people have intended to do but not got round to doing.  Having a Will […]

Posted on 09th March 2017 Read More >

Increase in survival time for mesothelioma sufferers

A report produced by the National Lung Cancer Audit, and funded by Mesothelioma UK, has shown an increase in the number of people diagnosed with mesothelioma surviving for more than one year.  Sadly, survival rates […]

Posted on 07th March 2017 Read More >

Unusual findings in Chinese mesothelioma incidence rates

A reported study, published in the JAMA Oncology Journal, shows unusual mesothelioma incidence rates in eastern China. The surprising finding shows a sharp contrast with statistics previously taken in the USA. In particular the reported […]

Posted on 03rd March 2017 Read More >

Justice secured in mesothelioma claim against British Rail

At Asbestos Justice, we are pleased to report that we have recently succeeded in a mesothelioma claim for a client who tragically lost his father to the incurable asbestos related disease on 17th July 2014. […]

Posted on 27th February 2017 Read More >

Gene test could help in diagnosing mesothelioma over lung cancer

At Asbestos Justice we regularly speak to clients who have sadly been diagnosed with malignant conditions. Unfortunately, it can prove difficult for medical practitioners to distinguish between diagnoses of mesothelioma as opposed to lung cancers. […]

Posted on 23rd February 2017 Read More >

Asbestos Justice win return claim for asbestosis compensation

At Asbestos Justice we have recently succeeded in recovering further asbestos compensation for a client who sadly lost her husband to asbestosis in 2015. Mr P’s original claim for asbestosis compensation succeeded back in May […]

Posted on 21st February 2017 Read More >

Canada to ban asbestos by 2018

In December 2016 Canada made the announcement many people have been waiting years to hear – that they are finally banning asbestos. The first asbestos mine in Canada was opened in 1879 in Quebec. Many […]

Posted on 15th February 2017 Read More >

Photodynamic therapy for pleural mesothelioma

Photodynamic therapy can be used to treat some eye and skin conditions, as well as some cancers. The treatment involves using light sensitive medication and a light source to kill abnormal cells. On their own, […]

Posted on 13th February 2017 Read More >

Biomarker could help early detection of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is an insidious disease, silently taking over the sufferer and often not showing symptoms until the disease is so far progressed that little can be done in terms of treatment. This makes the survival […]

Posted on 09th February 2017 Read More >

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