A new trial has been launched which we hope will include and benefit mesothelioma patients. Cancer Research UK, one of the leading cancer charities in the UK, are teaming up with a company called Biotecnol LTD. Together, they will trial a promising new drug, known as Tb535H, which uses a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer.

How does the drug work?

This new drug is one of a number of immune-oncology therapies. These therapies are becoming increasingly widespread, and are the next stage in targeted cancer therapy. This form of therapy uses the body’s own defence mechanism to assist with the fight against tumours.

An antigen is a toxin or other foreign substance, which induces an immune response in the body.

Many tumours, including the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma, carry a 5T4/WAIF1 Antigen. Scientists believe that this antigen aids the spread of cancer cells.

The new drug, Tb535H, recruits a patient’s T-Cells (killer cells of the immune system) and directs them to attack this antigen and, subsequently, the tumour.

According to Biotecnol, the drug has the ability to target more than one tumour at a time or more than one area of a specific tumour.

What results has the drug had so far?

Initial findings have shown that the drug can eliminate multiple carcinoma cell lines. It then binds to the surface of the tumour and kills the cells directly. The new trial will assess how effective the drug is at eliminating tumours.

How will this drug help mesothelioma patients?

Botecnol LTD have already started preparations to trial the drug on mesothelioma patients. This cancer, caused by asbestos, is highly aggressive and incurable. Hopefully, this drug will provide a new treatment option for cancer patients.

Dr Nigel Blackburn, Cancer Research UK’s director of drug development, said: “It’s hugely exciting to be able to accelerate the development of a drug that could change outcomes for patients with many different types of cancer.

“In particular we urgently need new ways to improve treatment for lung cancer, which causes more than one in five of all cancer deaths in the UK.”

How can we help?

If you require assistance in pursuing an asbestos compensation claim for mesothelioma or other asbestos disease please contact us today. You can do so by calling our Freephone number on: 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, you can head over to our ‘contact us’ page and complete the form.

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