The asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, is the subject of significant continued research and clinical trials form a large part of this.

What is ASSESS?

ASSESS is a clinical trial currently running in the UK. It is an observational study collecting data on demographics, symptoms and biomarkers in people with mesothelioma. The collected information aims to address the lack of longitudinal data we currently have for mesothelioma.

Overall, the trial will assess the progression of mesothelioma and compare clinical outcomes based on symptoms. It also aims to create a bank of biological samples to investigate biomarkers which help assess how well new treatments are working. Finally, it is hoped that the trial will improve recruitment to clinical trials in the future. Historically, mesothelioma trials have struggled to recruit enough people and have had to close down as a result.


The aim is to recruit 700 mesothelioma patients over a 10 year period. The study aims to follow these people from diagnosis to death with regular recording of patient-reported outcome measures, quality of life questionnaires, and collection of biological samples. Using this method, the natural history of this asbestos disease can be looked at and changes in symptoms documented so that factors associated with survival can be explored.

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