Help needed for asbestosis claim


We have been instructed by a client who is suffering with asbestosis following exposure to asbestos. In order for us to successfully pursue a claim for asbestosis compensation we must show that our client has been exposed to substantial amounts of asbestos.


Between approximately 1949 and 1988 our client was employed by J Preston & Sons Heating Limited as a pipefitter. During his employment the company changed its name a number of times and was also known as J Preston and Sons Ltd and J Preston & Sons Mechanical Services Ltd. The company also changed location, starting out on Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, before moving to Longmeadow Lane, Redmarsh Industrial Estate, Thornton, Cleveley.


Our client completed his plumbing apprenticeship with the company and his work involved working on Governmental buildings contracts, including one in Norcross which dealt with pensions and another in Thornton and Warbreck Hill, Blackpool. He was involved in changing boilers, taking out old boilers and installing new ones.


The boilers were all lagged with asbestos and our client and his colleagues had to remove this, knocking it off with hammers. As they did this, the asbestos lagging broke off and crumbled, creating a lot of dust. Once the old boiler had been removed, the new boiler was installed and then had to be lagged with new asbestos. The asbestos came in bags and was in the form of a powder, our client and his colleagues emptied the bags into a bin and mixed in water to form a paste, this was then applied to the new boiler and pipework.


Our client also worked on jobs were sectional lagging made from asbestos was used to cover tall pipes and joints. This often had to be cut to size using a hacksaw blade and was secured in place using tape.


Whilst working for J Preston’s our client was also sent to work at Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) at Hillhouse Works, Thornton, Cleveley. Again, he was replacing boilers and pipework which were lagged with asbestos.


As our client is pursuing a claim for asbestosis, we must prove that he was exposed to substantial amounts of asbestos. We are therefore appealing to any witnesses who may have worked for J Preston’s or at any of the sites our client worked at.


If you can assist in providing evidence in this asbestos claim, please contact us today on our Freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.



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