We are instructed to pursue an asbestos claim for a client who suffers with a restrictive lung defect due to his previous exposure to asbestos. In order to pursue a successful claim for asbestos compensation, we need to show that our client was exposed to substantial amounts of asbestos and we are looking for witnesses to support this asbestos claim.

Our client was exposed to asbestos between approximately 1955 and 1963 when working for George Cohen & Sons Limited. They were based near the Rotherhithe Tunnel in the Bermondsey area of London. The company specialised in demolition work and our client worked as a labourer, working at various sites. He recalls working at gas works including Mitcham gas works and Beckton Northern Outfalls works, amongst others. A regular part of his duties involved removing asbestos lagging from boilers and pipework.

The asbestos lagging measured around 4 inches in thickness and was held into place by chicken wire. Our client and his colleagues used pick axes, chisels and hammers to remove the asbestos which was in a brittle state. They could be doing this for any length of time from one day to a number of weeks, depending on the job. This work created large amounts of asbestos dust which our client could not help but inhale.

Due to his exposure to asbestos our client has been diagnosed with as restrictive lung defect caused by asbestos related pleural thicken, for which he is eligible to claim asbestos disease compensation.

We are looking for witnesses who can assist in providing evidence of asbestos exposure either whilst working for George Cohen & Sons Limited or at the named gas works in the London area.

If you can assist in providing evidence for this asbestos claim, please contact us today on our Freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch. Thank you.

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