Lord's Cricket Ground

Redevelopment of a stand at cricket ground, Lord’s has been delayed after asbestos was found during demolition works.

The current Lord’s ground was first built over 200 years ago and the Warner stand was built in 1958, at a time when asbestos was widely used in construction. As part of a renovation project, the stand was to be demolished to make way for a improved facilities and seating. Demolition work began in September but was stopped when asbestos was found in the base of the stand.

The works are now on hold until the asbestos has been removed by specialist asbestos contractors.

It is believed the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) had carried out all the necessary checks prior to demolition work commencing and they are now looking to see if they can be compensated as they received inaccurate advice.

The MCC has stated that spectators who used the stand in the last season and site workers have not been put at any risk.

Asbestos only becomes a problem when it is disturbed and so before any renovation or demolition works are carried out it is important that suitable surveys are completed to ensure workers and members of the public are protected.

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