We have regularly written about asbestos in schools, the potential danger to those at school, learning and working, and what could be done to prevent asbestos being a danger in schools.

£1bn promised to schools

At the end of June 2020, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, promised £1 billion to go towards replacing and repairing the UK’s crumbling schools. This will be the perfect time to address the asbestos dangers in schools across the UK and to have the deadly substance removed for good.

It was announced that there would be £1 billion provided for 50 major school building projects, with a further £560 million put aside for repair works. Whilst the cost of removing asbestos from schools is likely to exceed this, the question is, can we afford not to remove it?

Increase in claims from school workers

We have already seen an increase in the number of teachers and school staff being diagnosed with mesothelioma and now claims from former pupils are also starting to be made.

The only way to prevent someone from getting mesothelioma is to prevent them from being exposed to asbestos. Whilst asbestos is still present in schools, there is always going to be a potential risk to people who could come into contact with it.

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