Roads in West Lothian had to be closed recently after asbestos was dumped and the local Council are appealing for information to find the culprits.

It is estimated that up to four tonnes of building material, including asbestos, have been dumped illegally on Woodside Terrace in Bridgend. The road, along with nearby roads, had to be closed while the Council assessed the situation and safely removed the dangerous materials.

Appeal for information

The Council is appealing for anyone who might have information about where the materials came from or who dumped them. Anyone who can help is urged to call the police on 101 or the Council on 01506 280000.


The culprits have not only put those who found the materials at risk, but anyone who might have walked past them without realising the dangers that lurked in the pile of rubbish. They have also put themselves at risk.

Risk of mesothelioma

It only takes minimal exposure to asbestos to put someone at risk of developing mesothelioma, the incurable asbestos cancer, later in life. We can only hope that no one has been endangered by this reckless behaviour.

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