Companies Guilty of Asbestos Exposure

Our specialist solicitors have pursued claims against many companies and have compiled a database of companies and insurers to assist in making the claims process as efficient as possible. In many cases the database allows us to assess whether a claim for compensation can be pursued during the initial phone call.

Here is a small sample of companies we have successfully pursued asbestos compensation claims against:

  • ASG Group Limited
  • Brightside Heating
  • B.I.C.C Ltd
  • British Steel
  • Central Electricity Generating Board
  • Con-Lloyds Ltd/Meloline Ltd
  • Courtaulds Northern Textiles
  • David Brown Tractors
  • Delavan Ltd
  • Electrium Sales Ltd
  • Electro-HydraulicsLtd
  • English Electric
  • Frank Vowles
  • I.C.I
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • J Crosfield & Sons
  • Kraft Foods
  • L Gardiner & Sons
  • Lancing Linde
  • Laporte/Solvay/Interox
  • Macob Ltd
  • McCain Foods
  • M.O.D
  • Narla Engineering
  • National Coal Board
  • N Greening and Songs/ Greenings/ The Greening Wire Company
  • Royal Mail Group Ltd
  • Ryan Mining
  • Sutcliffe Speakman
  • Thames Board Mill
  • The Firth Wire Co
  • Turners / TBA Belting/ T & N Composites etc
  • United Utilities
  • W Milner

How can we help?

If you have worked at any of the above companies or would like further information about the companies we have successfully pursued claims against, please contact us on 0800 038 6767.