Mesothelioma Claim – Demolition Industry

We have been instructed to deal with a mesothelioma claim for a client who was exposed to harmful amounts of asbestos when working for a business known as E J Badger between 1969/70 and 1973/74. Our client was exposed to asbestos when working for the company in the demolition trade and we are looking to obtain evidence from other witnesses who worked for the business during the relevant period to further support his claim for mesothelioma compensation.

If you feel you can help on this mesothelioma claim, please look to make contact with us on the number noted below.

Mesothelioma Claim for Carpenter and Joiner

Asbestos Justice is also currently dealing with a claim for mesothelioma compensation for a client who was heavily exposed to asbestos dust during the course of his employment with Brown & Root Limited between 1976 and 1980 approximately.

Our client worked as a carpenter and joiner and had regular cause to cut up asbestos boards to be used as a form of cladding around portacabins. He was never provided with any form of adequate respiratory protection and we will rely on this failing in support of his mesothelioma claim.

Anyone who worked for the company, which now continues to trade under the name of Kellogg, Brown & Root Limited, should not hesitate to get in touch with us to provide further evidence on exposure to asbestos which could assist our client further in the recovery of mesothelioma compensation.

Pursuit for Mesothelioma Compensation against Panlon Plumbing Limited

Asbestos Justice is pursuing a claim for mesothelioma compensation for a client who was exposed to asbestos when working on asbestos guttering, present on council houses during the early 1980s.

We have located employer’s liability insurance for the company but need to speak to other witnesses who may have worked for the company during the same period as our client.

Obtaining further witness evidence in the case could assist our client further in this urgent, mesothelioma claim. Please contact us on the number below, should you have any information which could assist.

If you are able to assist on any of the asbestos claims referred to or believe you or a family member have a valid claim for asbestos compensation, please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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