Debbie Brewer was diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2006. She was exposed to asbestos as a child when she hugged her father on his return from work at Devonport Dockyard. 

Despite her illness, Debbie tirelessly campaigned to raise awareness of lung cancer by asbestos, both in the UK and abroad. Sadly, she passed away at St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth in June 2013.

Kieran Brewer, Debbie’s youngest son, shares his thoughts and feelings on asbestos use. 

Asbestos has affected my life so much! My mum and granddad have passed away from Mesothelioma. It has made an overwhelming impact on my life and not in a good way, the word makes me cringe every time I hear or read it, it’s a terrible substance and to me it feels like the undefeated super villain who hatches plans to destroy people’s lives forever and turn them completely upside down!

I find it sad that so many other people have lost their loved ones because of it, but I’m even sadder that it took two of my loved ones from me and I pray that no more lives are taken from me as I’ve experienced too much heartbreak. In the future, to put it lightly, I WANT IT GONE! It’s horrible and I don’t care about the benefits of it with regards to work and jobs, it’s deadly and it’s just plain horrid.

What I really would like to see is a project which gets the low-down on asbestos and urges people to stop working with it, without asbestos, I feel that the world would be that little bit more safer and secure.
I believe that things like asbestos would make a stronger impact on society if it just went away.

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