Spodden Valley

Back in April we reported on the issues in Spodden Valley, Rochdale. This was the site of the world’s largest asbestos factory owned by Turner & Newall. Although the site was shutdown many years ago, its legacy lives on, causing a wealth of problems for those living in the area.

In 2004 the site was sold to a housing development company and locals opposed to this set up a campaign, ‘Save Spodden Valley’. There are fears that redevelopment of the site would disturb asbestos in the area and the risk to public health is too great. The area has been plagued with problems due to asbestos with almost all families in the area having lost someone due to mesothelioma or having someone suffer a debilitating asbestos condition.

When we first wrote about the site, Labour MP Simon Danzcuk had become involved with the issue and was planning a meeting with a government minister in September to discuss the site. Since then, the MP has been extremely quiet and local residents have been very disappointed with the lack of progress and information.

Despite using the plight in his political leaflets for the council elections, Mr Danzcuk does not appear to be doing anything about the issue and is not providing the answers he promised.

This is likely to cause increased concern given the recent news that a new study has shown that asbestos fibres can move through soil.  Jane Willenbring, a geologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego is the lead of this ongoing study.  She has discovered that when organic acids coat asbestos fibres, the threads can travel through sand and soil.  This has brought into question the practice of “capping” asbestos which, at present, is still thought to be the safest way of dealing with asbestos.  Removing asbestos from sites could prove more dangerous and controlled on-site incineration is too costly.  However, this view could change with this new research.

We hope that the residents are able to get to the bottom of this soon.

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