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A recent study in the journal, “Nutrients” contends that micronutrients found in red wine, green vegetables and tea could help prevent or even assist in fighting against the devastating affects of asbestos related mesothelioma.

Experts based at the University of Rome’s Department for Clinical Sciences and Translational Medicine looked into over 150 studies covering the potential positive effects of polyphenols, found in the above on cancer and other serious conditions.

Polyphenols in the form of curcumin, found in turmeric, resveratrol, found in red wine, EGCG present in green tea and quercetin found in blueberries and green vegetables, have been found to boost the immune system, reducing inflammation. Such positive effects are thought to improve survival rates for those suffering with asbestos related mesothelioma.

Various studies have highlighted one of the main factors in the development of mesothelioma is inflammation. Such studies have shown that when asbestos fibres are inhaled and ingested over time, the fibres remain stuck within tissues, sometimes for decades, setting off an inflammatory process in the body which appears to play a part in the development of the incurable asbestos related cancer.

Monica Benvenuto, PhD is one of the authors of the recent study, in which she states:-

“A long-lasting inflammatory response orchestrated by mesothelial cells contributes to the initiation, promotion and progression of mesothelial cells into malignant mesothelioma.”

It is thought by experts that polyphenols attack the cell signalling pathways responsible for producing those pro-inflammatory molecules, resulting in a potential, significant reduction in inflammation which is thought to play a key part in the development of the terminal condition.

Polyphenols are also thought to assist in boosting the body’s immune system. It is well known that the immune system of mesothelioma sufferers becomes deregulated, compromising the body’s natural defences. The nutrients found in tea and red wine have also been found to possess pro-oxidant activity which researchers believe could fight against cancer. The nutrients essentially boost immune response and may assist in directing natural killer cells to the site of the mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is almost exclusively related to asbestos exposure and can affect the lining of the lung in the form of pleural mesothelioma as well as the stomach lining, known as peritoneal mesothelioma. Cases of testicular mesothelioma do exist but this is a very rare form of the disease.

Despite this potentially positive news, improving survival rates for the approximate 2,000 people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma in the UK each year is not as easy as advising them to drink more red wine, green tea and vegetables.

Clearly, based on the experts’ research, eating a health diet is advisable to all mesothelioma sufferers, experts believe that it may be even more advantageous to sufferers to administer polyphenols directly into the tumour itself.

Dr Benvenuto continues to add in the study:-

“The local administration of polyphenols in the serious cavity might be a better strategy to treat malignant mesothelioma, because in this way polyphenols could bypass biotransformation and could reach and effective dose directly available at the site of tumour.”

Source – Benvenuto Monica et al, “The Potential Protective Effects of Polyphenols in Asbestos-Medicated Inflammation and Carinogenesis of Mesothelium”, 9th May 2016, Nutrients.

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