Here at Asbestos Justice we were successful in pursuing compensation in a mesothelioma claim for Mrs J who sadly lost her husband to the incurable asbestos related malignancy.

We pursued the claim for mesothelioma compensation against the successors to the company known as J T Stratford & Co Ltd, for exposing our client to substantial amounts of harmful asbestos fibres during the course of his marine engineering apprenticeship which spanned from 1961 through to 1965.

The deceased was required to overhaul engines and steam boilers as part of his work in building and maintaining barges. The steam pipes, exhaust pipes and silencers from the main engine and generator to the funnels were covered in asbestos. As he was removing the exhaust pipes for example he would be covered with asbestos. He often had to work with hammers and chisels breaking off discarded asbestos pieces. This asbestos was then left in the room until he cleaned it up later. The pieces of dry asbestos created a lot of dust as it lay around. Horrifically and without knowing, our client’s husband and his colleagues used to make snowballs out of the asbestos, playfully throwing them at one another. They had no idea of the harm that asbestos fibres could cause.

Our client’s husband’s exposure to asbestos increased even further in other areas. At times when he went into the boiler room, which was insulated throughout with asbestos, it would be so foggy and dusty with asbestos fibres that he needed to use a rag over his mouth to keep the dust out. There was no ventilation in the boiler room and he therefore breathed in huge amounts of asbestos dust. This significant history of asbestos exposure led to Mr J being diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Following Mr J’s tragic death, it was shown that he had been suffering with a rate form of the condition known as peritoneal mesothelioma. This is often considered to be the most painful form of the asbestos related cancer in that it affects the lining of the abdomen.

Asbestos Justice obtained medical evidence in support of the mesothelioma claim which showed that Mr J’s death had been caused by the asbestos exposure he experienced when working as an apprentice.. In addition we were able to prove that the Defendant had been negligent by exposing our client to harmful amounts of asbestos, which caused his untimely death due to mesothelioma.

We succeeded in settling our client’s mesothelioma claim for £75,000.00, despite the Defendant company being near to insolvent without any insurance for Mr J’s period of employment being traced. The mesothelioma claim settled a number of years ago but had the same scenario arisen on a like claim today, there could be arguments in support of the view that a Claimant would be entitled to claim mesothelioma compensation under the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payments Scheme of 2014.

Clearly no amount of money is going to compensate for the loss of a loved one but accountability is extremely important to family members who are experiencing the most difficult time of their lives.

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