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Asbestos Justice has successfully pursued a claim for pleural thickening compensation for a client as arising out of his asbestos exposure throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Our client underwent various investigations at hospital and we were instructed to consider his asbestos claim following receipt of his diagnosis. Fortunately, we were able to conclude a successful claim for pleural thickening compensation for our client.

Our client had worked for a number of companies throughout his working life. Other than a three year period in service in the Royal Navy, he worked as a plumber or as a labourer. The vast majority of his asbestos exposure occurred during his employment with ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd), at the Lostock Plant in Northwich. During this employment he was exposed to substantial amounts of asbestos dust on a daily basis, causing him to develop pleural thickening in later life.

Throughout his employment he carried out a variety of tasks which included working in  a yard gang. This involved cleaning and sweeping the factory resulting in him breathing in airborne asbestos dust. After this he took up a position in the ash-shed. For this part he needed to load the cranes with various products. The crane would cause vibrations meaning dust, including asbestos dust and fibres, rained down on him and his colleagues. He also had to spend long periods of time in and amongst the confined factory spaces while the pipes, which were lagged with asbestos insulation, were being maintained. The maintenance work caused asbestos fibres to be released into the air and our client and his colleagues could not help but inhale the harmful asbestos. They were not provided with any protective breathing equipment.

We obtained a supportive medical report which showed that our client’s pleural thickening was caused as a result of his exposure to asbestos from his previous employments. Further to this we also obtained engineering evidence to show the likely amount of asbestos that our client was exposed to. This further helped to establish liability in the pleural thickening claim against ICI.

We were able to agree an out of court settlement in this case with our client’s asbestos compensation agreed on a provisional damages basis. This means that if his condition deteriorates or he goes on to develop a further asbestos condition, he can return and claim further asbestos compensation. If he had settled under the terms of a full and final settlement, he would then be barred from returned to claim further asbestos compensation in the future, even if he were to deteriorate or develop another condition.

Our client received thousands of pounds of compensation as a result of his successful pleural thickening claim.

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