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Asbestos Justice succeeded in a pleural thickening claim for Mr A, who was diagnosed with the asbestos related condition after suffering regular exposure to asbestos dust during the course of his working life.

Our client was employed by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) at the Uskmouth Power Station between 1958 and 1993 approximately and our investigations revealed that the party responsible for the liabilities of the power station would be RWE Npower. The claim for pleural thickening compensation was brought against this party.

A detailed witness statement was taken from Mr A in support of his asbestos claim and he explained that at the time the power station was the largest in the country and was coal fired.  He worked a 42 hour week, which was later reduced to a 35 hour working week.  He did a lot of overtime working on Saturdays and Sundays.  His first role involved working in the engineering and maintenance department.  During this time he was exposed to a lot of asbestos dust on a daily basis, as he worked daily in close proximity to boilers and pipes all of which were insulated and lagged with asbestos.  The work involved Mr A repairing boilers, replacing valves and repairing steam joints.  Sometimes he repaired the inside of boilers. He had to remove asbestos lagging in order to carry out the repairs, and this created a lot of asbestos dust.  He chiseled or hammered the asbestos off.  He would then brush up old the pieces of lagging and put it into old sacks.  It was a very dusty environment and he was exposed to significant amounts of asbestos dust which floated around in the general working environment.

Mr A explained that he often worked alongside laggers who were applying asbestos paste to the pipework and boilers.  The asbestos paste was mixed by hand on the floor.  The mixing of the asbestos created a lot of dust in the atmosphere.

In the early 1970s, Mr A was promoted to Operations Foreman in the early 1970’s.  He did not work directly with asbestos during this time, but his day was spent walking around the power station supervising others and as and when required he would help out.

Allegations were put forward in support of the pleural thickening claim in that Mr A stated that asbestos dust and debris was continuously floating around in the air at the power station.  There were 12 huge boilers which had been covered in asbestos lagging.  When the sun shone through the windows he could see the particles of dust floating in the air, as they would glisten in the light.

It was also alleged that Mr A was not provided with any form of respiratory protection, and neither was he warned about the dangers of working with asbestos, nor were any precautions taken to reduce his exposure to asbestos.  In the 1970’s asbestos regulations were introduced, in particular after the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act stated precautions should be taken when working with asbestos, despite this, the regulations were not enforced strictly enough by the CEGB.

We obtained medical evidence in support of the pleural thickening claim which confirmed that the condition had caused Mr A to suffer with significant breathing problems.

Mr A’s claim for pleural thickening compensation was settled on a provisional damages basis, leaving the door open for him to claim further asbestos compensation, should he ever have the misfortune of developing one of the following, so called, “return conditions”:-

  1. Asbestos induced mesothelioma
  2. Asbestos induced lung cancer
  3. Asbestosis which produces an increase in respiratory disability resulting in a total disability exceeding 70%
  4. Progression of pleural thickening producing an increase in respiratory disability resulting in a total disability exceeding 70%

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