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At Asbestos Justice we are able to deal with all types of asbestos disease compensation claims, including those for mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural thickening.

We were instructed by Mr F to pursue his claim for pleural thickening compensation arising out of his previous asbestos exposure whilst working for Warren Brothers Limited. During the course of his employment with this employer, he worked and alongside employees of the Central Electricity Board in assisting with the maintenance of their power stations.

Mr F joined Warren Brothers in the tax year of 1961/62 and remained with them until 1969/70. Mr F was employed as a Metal Fabricator and Welder. His employment involved working within power stations, including Rugeley, Drakelow and Leicester. It was during his time within these power stations that Mr F was fatefully exposed to harmful levels of asbestos.

We obtained a detailed witness statement in support of Mr F’s pleural thickening claim which confirm that he was specifically required to work on the maintenance and repair of tubes, pipes and boilers which were present within the power stations. Whilst carrying out his work Mr F was exposed to huge amounts of asbestos from working in close proximity to the Central Electricity Generating Board workers. The CEGB workers included laggers and pipefitters. These workers were required to strip off the old asbestos lagging, mix new asbestos lagging and would then go on to re-apply the asbestos to the pipes and boilers.

As a result of this activity large amounts of harmful asbestos dust and fibres were released into the air. This asbestos dust and debris then fell to the floor, whereby the Claimant and his colleagues would regularly disturb the dangerous asbestos dust and fibres as they were working. Therefore, Mr F’s resulting condition of pleural thickening arose as a result of the negligent exposure to asbestos during the removal of the lagging and the failure to remove the excess asbestos dust and fibres from the work area.

Unfortunately, Asbestos Justice were not able to locate any employer’s insurance cover for Warren Brothers Limited. However, all was not lost as we instead pursued the successors to the Central Electricity Board, RWE Npower Group Plc. As the Central Electricity Board were the occupiers of the power stations where the negligence occurred, Asbestos Justice were able to pursue their successor under the Asbestos Regulations and Occupier’s Liability Legislation.

Dr Rudd, one of the medical experts instructed in the successful pleural thickening claim, diagnosed Mr F as suffering with asbestos related diffuse or widespread pleural thickening, which resulted in him suffering with a 40% level of respiratory disability. The Defendant’s medical expert did not dispute the diagnosis of pleural thickening, but did suggest that Mr F suffered from a slightly lower level of respiratory disability.

The medical opinions expressed in the pleural thickening claim confirm  that our client faced a very small possibility that he would develop mesothelioma in the future and therefore, his pleural thickening claim was settled on a provisional basis. This means that if Mr F does suffer the misfortune of developing asbestos related mesothelioma in the future, he will be able to pursue a further claim for mesothelioma compensation.

We also ensured that Mr F would be able to return to claim further pleural thickening compensation if this condition resulted in him suffering with a serious deterioration in his respiratory disability caused by this asbestos related illness.

Asbestos Justice were able to succeed in obtaining a substantial figure of £75,000, in respect of Mr F’s pleural thickening compensation claim.

If you require assistance in pursuing a pleural thickening claim  or indeed any other claim for asbestos compensation, please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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