Asbestos Justice succeeded in recovering mesothelioma compensation for Mrs J who sadly lost her husband to the incurable asbestos related cancer.

Mr J was employed at a joiner by Expamet Contracts Limited between 1966 and 1970 approximately. The company installed ceilings and room partitions in office buildings and he was involved in this work for most of the time that he was employed by the company.

Asbestos was used extensively in the ceiling industry at the time. Mr J would install ceiling tiles. To do this he had to cut and drill the asbestos tiles. When he was undertaking this work he would be covered in the asbestos dust which would fall down on to him. He would breathe this dust in throughout the course of the working day.

The evidence obtained in support of the mesothelioma claim also showed that Mr J had been exposed to asbestos as a result of handling asbestos tape. This was used on the room partitions. Mr J had to put asbestos tape on the T-bar, which held the plaster boards in place when they were being attached to the metal frames of the partition. The asbestos tape had to be cut to size with scissors or a stanley knife. The asbestos debris would be left on the floor from the cutting of the tape which Mr J would sweep and brush up. The cutting of the asbestos tape would create asbestos fibres which Mr J would breathe in.

Also, whilst working at Expamet, and in particular at the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, Mr J had cause to remove asbestos lagging from piping. Mr J cut the asbestos off using a hacksaw and a stanley knife. His face was close to the lagging whilst he was undertaking this work and he brushed up the asbestos debris from the floor when the job was finished.

As is often seen in a mesothelioma claim of this type, at no time during his employment at Expamet was Mr J provided with any respiratory breathing equipment, nor was he advised about the dangers of asbestos and the steps he could take to reduce his exposure. We relied upon such failures to secure mesothelioma compensation for his surviving widow.

In addition to the asbestos exposure Mr J suffered with Exparmet, he also came into contact with asbestos dust when working a company called Hatmet during the 1970s.  He was employed there as a dry wall partition and ceiling installer and his role entailed erecting parHatmet.

The evidence referred to one job Mr J recalled working on at Guardian House, Brewery Headquarters in West Bromwich. He erected partition walls in this building on two or possibly three floors. Mr J once again  used asbestos tape, as he had used during the course of his time with Expamet..

At Hatmet, the deceased also worked at Marks & Spencer’s store in the Gracechurch Shopping Centre, Sutton Coldfield. Here they fitted a new false ceiling. Mr J used white asbestos tiles for this job known as “Asbestolux” tiles.. Mr J used a saw to cut the tiles and they crumbled when they were cut. This work resulted in a great deal of asbestos dust floating around in the atmosphere as described in the evidence. Mr J also had to drill the tiles to the ceiling using a power drill. This caused a lot of asbestos dust to fall down onto him.

The Defendant failed to make a reasonable offer in settlement and therefore court proceedings had to be issued under the High Court’s specialist fast-track procedure for mesothelioma compensation. At the time of the first hearing which was held on the telephone Asbestos Justice managed to secure a sizeable interim sum of mesothelioma compensation for Mrs J with the aid of supportive medical and engineering evidence.

Engineering evidence is not always required in a mesothelioma claim but as the Defendant in this case delayed in making an offer of compensation, steps had to be taken to strengthen the prospects of winning the mesothelioma claim further.

Asbestos Justice managed to secure £140,000.00 of mesothelioma compensation which was paid to Mr J’s widow in settlement of the successful claim.

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