Asbestos Justice succeeded in yet another mesothelioma claim relating to Mr W’s exposure to asbestos as an apprentice shipwright with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) at their Chatham dockyard in Kent. We have pursued numerous, successful asbestos claims against this Defendant in the past.

In addition to being diagnosed with asbestos related mesothelioma, Mr W was also told that he had developed asbestos related pleural thickening, a feature commonly found alongside  mesothelioma.

Mr W started worked of the MOD 1955. For the first two years of his training he was based in the training unit learning the trade and making tools.

After the initial two year period, sometime during 1957, he started working on the ships. The ships he was working on were usually in for refitting or maintenance work. Whilst he was involved in this work he was working alongside and in close proximity to laggers. He confirmed in his witness statement which was prepared in support of his mesothelioma claim that he was working alongside the laggers. He explained that this created a very dusty working environment. As a result, he could not see across the engine room when they were applying the lagging. He was in the vicinity of laggers when they were mixing the asbestos, and there would be clouds of asbestos dust in the air which he breathed in. The laggers had to knock off the old asbestos from the pipes that needed to be replaced or repaired and relag the new pipes.

Clearly, Mr W’s evidence showed that working as a shipwright on the ships was a very dusty job and he had suffered significant exposure to asbestos. His overalls would get covered in dust, as would his hair and body. His asbestos exposure continued on a regular basis throughout the period spanning 1955 to March of 1964.

No warnings were given to Mr W on the dangers of working with asbestos. No precautions were taken for his health to prevent him breathing in the asbestos dust. He was never provided with any form of mask. Such health and safety failures were relied upon as proof of negligence and breach of statutory duty in the successful mesothelioma claim.

We advanced the mesothelioma claim with speed and ensured that Mr W recovered mesothelioma compensation of £125,000.00 within his lifetime. This ensured that he had sufficient funds available to assist with his care and provided some financial security for his family for the future.

No amount of money can compensate a sufferer and their family for the devastating affects arising from a diagnosis of asbestos related mesothelioma. However, it is important to hold Defendants like the MOD to account for negligently exposing workers to asbestos dust over many years and this is an important aspect of any mesothelioma claim.

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