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Asbestos Justice has successfully completed a claim for Mr D who was diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Mr D began suffering with breathlessness on exertion and he then developed a cough and pain down his right side. He visited his GP and was treated for a variety of conditions including cracked ribs, a chest infection and liver problems. He was eventually referred to hospital where he underwent an x-ray which showed a shadow on his right lung. A procedure was carried out to remove fluid from Mr D’s lung and a biopsy was taken, this unfortunately showed that he was suffering with mesothelioma.

Mr D contacted us and we began looking into his mesothelioma compensation claim for him on a “no win no fee” basis. He recalled that he was exposed to asbestos after 1965 and so we only had to prove that he had been exposed to minimal amounts of asbestos. This is because it was at this time that employers should have been aware that asbestos was harmful and should have made provisions to ensure the safety of their workers.

We were able to obtain a witness statement from Mr D in which he recalled how he had been exposed to asbestos during his employment with Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth. He worked here between approximately 1965 and 1966 and was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis.

Mr D worked on HMS Hermes, stripping asbestos lagging off pipes onboard the ship. He used a hammer and chisel to do this and asbestos dust and debris flew into the air as he worked. He remembered how it was a very dusty, dirty job as there was no ventilation on the ship. By the end of the working day Mr D would be covered in asbestos dust. It was in his hair and covered his skin and overalls. He could not help but inhale the asbestos dust and fibres as he worked.

Over 40 years after he finished working at Devonport Dockyard in Plymouth, Mr D began to suffer with symptoms of mesothelioma.

We were able to secure an out of Court settlement in Mr D’s mesothelioma claim within 12 months and he received £100,000 in asbestos compensation.

If you require assistance in pursuing a claim for mesothelioma compensation please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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