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Asbestos Justice was instructed by the family of a lady who sadly passed away due to mesothelioma.

Before she died, Mrs C discussed her work history with her family and we were able to obtain witness evidence from family members who confirmed that Mrs C worked for J Allen Rubber Company Limited between approximately 1962 and 1983 and was exposed to asbestos dust when working there.

Mrs C’s daily work duties did not involve working with asbestos. However, the roof of the where she worked was made out of corrugated asbestos sheets. This form of sheeting was commonly found on garages of domestic properties as well as at commercial premises.

Mrs C recalled that during the mid 1960s, over a weekend when the factory was shut, work was carried out to remove the asbestos roofing. When she came back to work Mrs C found that the work surfaces were all covered in dust which the roofers had not cleaned up. All of the factory workers, including Mrs C, cleaned up the dust, which included asbestos dust from the roof sheets.

Mrs C was also exposed to asbestos dust when working near to factory maintenance workers. The company had its own fleet of maintenance men and part of their job was to repair and maintain the factory’s steam pipes which were lagged with asbestos. This involved them mixing asbestos powder with water to use as lagging. The maintenance team used the same canteen as the rest of the company’s workers, resulting in contamination of the area. The asbestos dust would become airbourne as the workers moved around and Mrs C and her colleagues continued to inhale the asbestos dust throughout break times.

For a time during her employment with J Allen Rubber Company Limited, Mrs C obtained a lift to and from work with a maintenance man who would be covered in asbestos dust by the end of the working day. She continued to breathe in harmful asbestos dust  whilst travelling in his vehicle.

As Mrs C’s exposure to asbestos occurred after 1965, we only had to show that she had been exposed to minimal amounts of asbestos to establish blame. 1965 is a key date in most mesothelioma claims as by this time employers should have been aware of the dangers posed by low level asbestos exposure and should have protected their employees against this.

We successfully concluded the claim on behalf of Mrs C’s family and were able to secure a substantial sum of  mesothelioma compensation, holding her employer to account for her tragic death.

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