Asbestos Justice has secured mesothelioma compensation for Mr T who was diagnosed with the incurable asbestos related condition after suffering exposure to asbestos in the workplace.

Mr T worked for Metro-Cammell Laird between approximately 1967 and 1972. His role involved working alongside other employees in the company where carriages were made. He explained in his witness statement which was obtained in support of his claim for mesothelioma compensation that he was regularly in the vicinity of employees spraying the carriages with asbestos, used for fireproofing the carriages. The other employees sprayed the inside of the doors and sides of the coaches before the final fittings were put on. Mr T would quite often stand next to the sprayers talking to them as they did their job. He confirmed that the spray would float around in the air and it was clearly visible. The employees spraying the blue substance wore thin, paper masks, but Mr T was not provided with any form of respiratory protection which was relied upon as proof of negligence in his successful mesothelioma claim.

Mr T wore overalls issued by the company which were washed every week by the company, but he had to pay a laundry fee. The spray would settle on his overalls, skin and hair.  He would have to walk through that area where the spraying was carried out a number of times each day. Mr T completed general maintenance in that area also, so was regularly exposed to the asbestos spray. The sprayers were covered in the asbestos spray. His detailed statement which provided the basis for his mesothelioma claim also confirmed that the other workers wore white overalls and so the blue stood out against the white.

Mr T also maintained the boiler room. All the pipes were lagged with asbestos. It was a large, dusty area with lots of pipes and at least 2 or 3 boilers which were also lagged with asbestos. In order to complete maintenance he had to knock the asbestos off using a tool to get to the area underneath. The asbestos would powder and crumble when it was knocked off and it would lie on the floor until the labourers brushed it up. He would work in the boiler room at least twice a week, but would go in nearly every day to keep warm if it was cold and to talk to other workers.

Mr T estimated that about once a month he saw someone removing old asbestos to repair the joint underneath. He also recalled seeing someone spreading new asbestos on the pipes and he would be standing right next to them whilst they did this. He could see that the area around the laggers was thick with asbestos dust and that they had dust on their clothes and skin. Mr T would inhale the asbestos dust on a regular basis as he was so close to them.

Mr T also explained that he was never warned of the dangers of working with asbestos materials which was relied upon in support of his successful claim for mesothelioma compensation. Such an omission on his employer’s part showed clear evidence of negligence.

Thankfully, Asbestos Justice was able to recover £142,000.00 of mesothelioma compensation for Mr T during his lifetime which assisted him greatly during the course of his period of suffering with the terrible condition.

Sadly, Mr T subsequently passed following settlement of his mesothelioma claim and Asbestos Justice went further in pursuing a further US trusts mesothelioma compensation claims for his family. A further sum was payable to the family arising out of this additional action.

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