We are proud to support Macmillan Cancer Support, they are a fabulous charity who provide anyone suffering with cancer with information, practical advice and emotional and financial support while they fight their disease.

For many of our clients who suffer with the incurable asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, the assistance they and their families get from Macmillan is invaluable and really helps them get through such a difficult time.

Unable to take part in the usual way

Every year, we look forward to Macmillan’s World Biggest Coffee Morning but like so many things this year, we were unable to celebrate in the usual way. Normally, the bakers in our office would have done a sterling job providing a range of sweet treats for us to sell to raise funds for the charity.


Last year, the event raised an amazing £27,461,814, this is enough to fund 516 Macmillan nurses for a whole year. It is a huge fundraiser for the charity and we felt it was really important that we continue to participate in the event.

Coffee morning at home

This year, with so many of us working from home and the COVID-19 restrictions becoming tighter again, we had to think of a different way to take part in the coffee morning event. Instead of sharing our bakes, everyone got comfy at home with a brew and a treat and we met via Zoom to catch up and take a short break from work.

Ways to donate to Macmillan

Of course, with no delicious delicacies to sell, we encouraged everyone to make a donation to Macmillan directly. This can be done in a number of ways so whatever your preference, there is a way you can donate. You can donate online, by text, phone, post or at the bank, full details can be found here.

If you require assistance in pursuing an asbestos compensation claim for mesothelioma or other asbestos disease then please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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