We have recently succeeded in a pleural thickening claim for Mr E who was diagnosed with the asbestos-related condition back in 2017.

Mr E approached us close to expiry of the 3-year time limit period for bringing asbestos disease claims. Despite this, we were able to work on the case at speed to gather evidence in support of the case.

Beeston Boilers Limited

Evidence we obtained in support of the pleural thickening claim showed that Mr E worked on a full-time basis for Beeston Boilers Limited for approximately 12 months during 1984/85. He alleged exposure to harmful amounts of asbestos dust, in unprotected conditions, throughout the course of his period of work at a large factory site which he reached by going down Mona Street, Beeston.

Foundry Environment

This was a classic factory environment and the whole area was extremely dusty and Mr E recalled seeing fibres floating around in the general atmosphere.

When he worked in the foundry, ovens were present which were lagged with asbestos on the outside for fire protection. There was also a great deal of asbestos lagged pipework leading from these ovens. Mr E’s work included ripping out various installations, including pipework from the site, which involved removing large sections of asbestos lagging with tools. This led to him being very heavily exposed to asbestos dust, without breathing protection being provided for him to wear.

Mr E would also use a yard brush for around 20 minutes or so at the end of each shift to clear up the asbestos dust and debris left behind. This activity resulted in the dust flying up again, and he could not help but breathe it in.

Mr E was never told that the asbestos lagging was dangerous when carrying out this work, nor was he ever provided with any form of respiratory protection to wear either.

When others smashed away at the asbestos lagging, clouds of asbestos dust would billow up into the atmosphere and Mr E remembers seeing the dust floating around throughout the course of the working day as the sun shone through the glass roof structure and in the general environment of the foundry.

As a labourer, Mr E was given these horribly dusty jobs to do as part of the major rip out at the site.

Medical evidence

We obtained medical evidence in support of the claim for pleural thickening compensation from a well-respected respiratory expert. He confirmed that Mr E’s condition was causing him to suffer with significant breathing problems.

He also faced risks of developing further problems due to his asbestos exposure and, therefore, Mr E instructed us to settle his asbestos claim on a provisional damages basis. This leaves the door open for him to claim further asbestos compensation, should he ever suffer the misfortune of developing further problems in the future.

We succeeded in recovering a figure in excess of £50,000.00 in pleural thickening compensation within 7 months for Mr E, who was delighted with the level of service he received.

If you require assistance in pursuing a claim for pleural thickening compensation or believe you have a valid claim for any other asbestos-related disease, then please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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