We successfully pursued a mesothelioma claim for Mr D who contacted us after he was sadly diagnosed with the incurable asbestos related cancer.

Mr D was exposed to asbestos when working for the English Electric Company Limited. He started here as a technical apprentice in 1962. He worked here for his entire career until he was forced to retire due to ill health. During his career the company changed its name numerous times and was also known as English Electric Company and Associated Electric Industries, General Electric Company UK, GEC, GEC Alsthom, ABB/Alsthom, Alstom and finally, Alstom Power.

During his career, Mr D rose through the ranks, giving him a varied list of job titles, resulting in him working at a number of different power stations, all over the world, including:

  • Blyth Power Station
  • Moni Power Station, Cyprus
  • Sizewell A Nuclear Power Station
  • Cotton Power Station
  • Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
  • Drakewell Power Station
  • Carrow Power Station, Egypt
  • Dampier Power Station, Australia
  • Liddel Power Station, Australia
  • Willington Power Station
  • Castle Donnington Power Station
  • Staythorpe Power Station
  • West Thurrock Power Station
  • Linkou Power Station, Taiwan
  • Ballylumford A Power Station, Northern Ireland
  • Ballylumford B Power Station, Northern Ireland
  • Tsing Yi Power Station, Hong Kong
  • Sundance Power Station, Canada
  • Ringhals Power Station, Sweden

Many of Mr D’s jobs required him to adopt a hands on approach, particularly when doing inspection work. He had to crawl into small, confined spaces, crawling along pipes that were insulated with asbestos to inspect pipework and assess steam leaks. As he carried out this type of work he would brush against the lagged pipes, causing asbestos dust and fibres to get on his clothes, hair and skin.

Mr D was also exposed to asbestos from spray lagging which was done at many power stations. Asbestos powder was mixed with water and sprayed onto surfaces for insulation.

As well as being present when asbestos insulation was being applied, Mr D was also there when asbestos lagging was removed. He would regularly carry out inspection work in areas where workers were in the process of removing asbestos lagging from pipework. This was an extremely dusty job and Mr D and his colleagues could not help inhaling the deadly asbestos dust and fibres.

During the early years of his career, no precautions were taken to prevent employees being exposed to asbestos. Mr D recalled that it was not until around the late 1970s that he was first advised of the dangers of being exposed to asbestos and was provided with protective clothing.

Unfortunately, by this time Mr D had already been exposed to asbestos for many years and although he would not suffer symptoms for decades, the damage had already been done.

Over 40 years after he was first exposed to asbestos, Mr D began suffering with chest pain, loss of appetite and weight loss. His energy levels were zapped and he struggled to play golf, a hobby he had always enjoyed. Mr D was referred for a CT scan which showed he had pleural thickening but in light of his symptoms and doctors were suspicious something more sinister was going on. Further investigations were carried out, including biopsies and it was found that Mr D had sadly developed malignant mesothelioma.

After going through his treatment options with his medical team, Mr D decided not to undergo chemotherapy. He was concerned that this treatment would affect his quality of life and instead opted for palliative care which focused on controlling his pain.

Mr D had to take early retirement, as he was unable to carry on working as the mesothelioma progressed. Sadly, he was not able to enjoy the retirement both he and his wife had spent their lives working towards. As his condition deteriorated, Mr D required care and assistance from his wife and children. It was heart wrenching for them to watch the mesothelioma take over, particularly as he had always been so fit and well. Mesothelioma compensation was recovered for this element of his claim.

Mr D sadly lost his fight with mesothelioma just over a year after his diagnosis. The asbestos compensation claim continued on behalf of his Estate, through his wife acting as Personal Representative.

Although Court proceedings were issued in a bid to speed the process up, the mesothelioma claim thankfully settled without the need for the family to attend a final court hearing.

Due to Mr D having to take early retirement and needing care and assistance from his family, a total sum of £320,000.00 was recovered for his wife in the successful mesothelioma claim.

While we know that no amount of money will ever make up for the pain and suffering Mr D went through, or the loss his family experienced, the successful mesothelioma claim did go some way to holding somebody to account for his early passing. Mr D should never have been exposed to asbestos.  He should have been able to enjoy a long retirement with his wife and family but that was taken away from them,  due to the negligence of his employer.

If you require assistance in pursuing a mesothelioma claim or believe you have a valid asbestos claim for any other disease, please contact us today on our freephone number 0800 038 6767. Alternatively, head over to the ‘Contact Us’ page, complete the form and we will be in touch.

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