At Asbestos Justice, we pride ourselves on recovering maximum mesothelioma compensation for our clients as swiftly as possible.

We have settled many mesothelioma claims within 2 to 3 months of receiving instructions and our asbestos claim for Mr H was no exception.

1975/76 to 1982/83 approximately

After hearing from Mr H to pursue his mesothelioma claim, we took a detailed witness statement from him in support of his mesothelioma claim. This confirmed that he worked on a full-time basis as a fully qualified carpenter and joiner for a company called Brown & Root Limited, which continues to trade under the name of Kellogg Brown & Root Limited.

At that time, the business was operating out of a site at 9 Suffolk Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

A main part of his role for the company involved building old style portacabins for the off-shore industry.

Evidence in support of the mesothelioma claim discussed that his work involved having to saw and fit asbestos soffit boards as a form of cladding to the exterior of the portacabins.  He and his colleagues had cause to use electric power saws in this work which resulted in much asbestos dust being released into the general atmosphere as they cut the boards to size.  As a result of using high powered electric saws, a great amount of asbestos dust would be released into the general environment which covered Mr H’s work clothes, hair and skin. Large clouds of asbestos dust would be created as a result of engaging in this type of work.  He explained that the boards were pretty fibrous and as he sawed through the material, much asbestos dust would be released into the general environment. The boards were always of a whitish to greyish colouration.

Mr H’s memory of the nature of his asbestos exposure with the company was vivid and he was even able to recall the names of work colleagues he worked alongside for the company.

During the course of this period of employment, Mr H also confirmed that it was labourers who would have cause to brush up the mess that had been left behind at the end of each working day. They would dry sweep the areas where he and his colleagues had been working, near to where they carried out their final duties on the day which resulted in further asbestos dust being released into the general atmosphere which he and his colleagues could not help but inhale.  

Throughout the course of this period of employment, Mr H was never provided with any form of mask other than an ill-fitting, paper mask which he does not believe stopped him from breathing in the small fibres created by the asbestos work.  Mr H was never actually warned of the dangers of working with asbestos materials throughout the course of his period of employment with Brown & Root Limited and these omissions were relied upon as proof of negligence in his successful mesothelioma claim.

Mr H explained that during his time with the company, he came into contact with asbestos dust in some way shape or form on a daily basis.  Working on the portacabins was a main part of his duties when working for the firm and this always involved the need to cut up asbestos soffit boards as a form of cladding to be fitted around the portacabins they worked on.

Liability & Blame

Whilst the witness statement taken from H in support of his claim for mesothelioma compensation also referred to him having suffered asbestos exposure when working for other companies, he emphasised that he believed most of his exposure occurred when working for the pursued Defendant.

Thankfully, after receiving the detailed evidence in support of the mesothelioma claim, the company’s insurers admitted liability early and medical evidence showed that the asbestos exposure Mr H had suffered, materially contributed to the risk of him developing mesothelioma. This is commonly known as the “causation” test in asbestos claims involving this terminal condition.

Thanks to receiving prompt instructions from Mr H we were able to secure mesothelioma compensation on his behalf within 3 months of hearing from him initially in the mesothelioma claim.

It is vital in all mesothelioma claims to ensure that claims are run by experienced, specialist asbestos disease solicitors, to secure high sums of mesothelioma compensation swiftly, with the minimum of fuss.

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