We are delighted to have recently recovered mesothelioma compensation for Mr C, who sadly lost a relative to the asbestos-related cancer. Continue reading to learn more about how Mr C’s uncle-in-law was exposed to asbestos and how we pursued a claim.

Exposed at work – 1967/68 to 1981/82

Mr C told us that his late uncle-in-law worked full time for a company called Holland Hannen & Cubitts Limited (Northern) for a lengthy period of time as a fully qualified joiner and carpenter in the North West of England. Mr C believes that his late uncle-in-law worked out of the Bromborough branch of the company.

Mr C’s uncle-in-law explained that he was actively involved in the construction of Arrowe Park hospital. He worked there during the late 1970’s until approximately the 1980’s.

He regularly had to cut up asbestos sheets at the hospital for fireproofing purposes. He knew the sheets as ‘asbestolux’ sheets, which came in a standard 6 feet by 4 feet size. He was required to cut the sheets to size using handsaws and circular saws.

As he cut through the asbestos sheets, a lot of asbestos dust would be released into the atmosphere which he could not help but inhale. The asbestos dust covered his work clothes, hair and skin. Large clouds of asbestos dust would also be created when he used the circular saw. Asbestos dust would then float around in the working environment throughout each working day.

The deceased would fit the cut down pieces of asbestos sheeting to fire doors in order to fireproof them.  He and his colleagues would also use asbestos to line the walls and ceilings to provide insulation and further fireproofing.

When the deceased and his colleagues lined the walls with the asbestos sheets, they used a hammer and nails to keep the sheets in place. The work was often done above head height, which caused more asbestos dust to rain down on him. Asbestolux was used regularly during the Arrowe Park contract.

Sadly, in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s asbestos was seen as a wonder material because of its heat and fire resistance.

Mr C’s uncle-in-law was never provided with any form of respiratory protection by the company during his time with them, nor was he warned of the dangers of working with asbestos materials.

The claim

We won this mesothelioma claim within 5 months of receiving instructions to represent Mr C in the case. This shows how swiftly such asbestos disease claims can be resolved with our experienced solicitors’ in-depth knowledge and expertise.

How can we help?

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