Asbestos Justice has recently succeeded in recovering over £200,000.00 in mesothelioma compensation for Mr B who was sadly diagnosed with asbestos related cancer during 2016.

We obtained a detailed witness statement from Mr B in support of the mesothelioma claim which confirmed that he worked on a full-time basis for a company called Kenkast Limited of Chaddock Lane, Leigh, Manchester. He was employed by them in construction as a building estimator.

This company was heavily involved in constructing pre-fabricated buildings and sheds as well as bungalows and conservative clubs which were all pre-fabricated. Even though the company no longer trades, we were able to locate employers’ liability insurance for the company, covering the relevant period and the mesothelioma compensation could therefore be claimed against the traced insurance company.

His job involved liaising with the contracts manager and he would spend a number of hours each day overseeing the work with others. All of the buildings had to be lined in a variety of asbestos materials.

The Claimant estimates that he spent around 1 and a half hours overseeing the work within the warehouse itself each day, discussing the size of the buildings and considering the plumbing side of things.

The evidence in support of the mesothelioma claim underlined that the warehouse was an enclosed environment with no extraction system in place and with no real ventilation.

Whilst Mr. B did not cut up the asbestos products himself there, other employees would be cutting up 6 by 3 feet Marinite boards and 8 by 4 feet Asbestolux boards on a daily basis. It is well known that Marinite boards contained brown (amosite) asbestos.  He would be working within a few feet of where this work would be carried out and large clouds of asbestos dust would be floating around in the atmosphere when he was at the warehouse. The air would be thick with the asbestos dust and there was nowhere for the dust to escape. The workers were using circular saws within the warehouse which resulted in a vast amount of asbestos dust being released into the working environment.

The Claimant worked for the company for around 2 years in total and when he was not in the warehouse, he was either out on site or in the office where he was not exposed to asbestos dust.

The Claimant was never provided with any form of mask to wear by this employer nor was he ever warned of the dangers of working with asbestos materials. Such health and safety failings were relied upon to support allegations that the Defendant was negligent in exposing Mr. B to harmful amounts of asbestos dust and should therefore pay mesothelioma compensation as a result.

The mesothelioma claim was brought to a successful conclusion within 6 months of receiving initial contact from Mr B.

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