We dealt with an urgent mesothelioma claim for a 92 year old gentleman called Mr S who was diagnosed with mesothelioma during June of 2007. He worked for the Stein Atkinson Limited as a design engineer between 1944 and 1979. The company later traded under the name of Solios Thermal Limited.

His role within the company involved designing furnace equipment which would regularly have to be lined with asbestos materials in order to fireproof the furnaces. He was often nearby when the manual workers drilled and nailed the asbestos into place resulting in him coming into contact with asbestos dust on a regular basis. Whilst our client never worked directly with asbestos, he was exposed on a passive basis which led to him developing mesothelioma during later life.

The case settled during Mr S’s lifetime, having been run over a period of 5 months. Mr S’s case was unusual as he survived with symptoms of mesothelioma for over 3 years before sadly passing away due to the condition.

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